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Activators to Start Show

BB-200 Microwave Motion Sensor

Detects person approaching up to 15 feet away

KD-1 Proximity Switch

No-touch switch for close range

KD-3 Proximity Switch


X-6000 Illuminated Pushbutton

Rugged, reliable pushbutton with light

4321 Count Down Timer

Starts show at regular intervals


Video Presentation

B-104 BrightSign 4 Button Interface

Connect 4 pushbuttons to BrightSign HD Video Players

B-101 BrightSign One Button Interface

Connect one pushbutton to BrightSign  HD Video Player

B-108 BrightSign 8 Button Interface

Connect 8 pushbuttons to BrightSign HD Video Players

B-100 BrightSign Motion Sensor Interface

Connects Motion Sensor to BrightSign

BrightSign HD Video Players Low cost reliable HD video players

DVD-204 Control for Pioneer DVD

Connect pushbuttons to Pioneer DVD

DVD-212 Control for Pioneer DVD

Connect up to 12 pushbuttons to Pioneer DVD








Keyboard Emulator

KE-8 Keyboard Mimic

Connect pushbuttons to PC or Mac


Audio Accessories

Gorilla Handset



Exhibit Light Timer

TDR-10 Timer


Turns off exhibit lights after preset time. Prevents document fading