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Hudson River Museum
Hudson River Orientation
Yonkers, New York
Designed By DMCD and JGS Software

John Singer of JGS Software  jgssoftware produced
and installed interactive exhibits to provide the visitor with a dynamic tour of the Hudson River.

On visitor pushbutton demand, images
are presented upon a 42" plasma monitor.
Images are stored on the hard drive
of a Dell PC. Pushbutton access
is provided by Museum Technology
KE-8 Keyboard Emulators. In addition
to sending the commands through the
PS-2 keyboard port of the Dell, the KE-8
also illuminates the pushbutton (Museum Technology X-6000 series)

Photos courtesy of John G. Singer


"Hudson River Orientation Map" Visitors to the Hudson River Museum access dynamic map images with the push of a button.

Behind the Scenes: View of the KE-8 Keyboard Mimics. Gray wires lead to the red X-6000 Illuminated Pushbuttons mounted on exhibit surface. Black box is sub-woofer, part of audio system.

"Hudson River Jukebox" Audio stories of the Hudson may be heard by pressing a button and holding the Soundstik to one's ear. X-6000 Illuminated Pushbuttons connect to the Trio Integrated CD Player which plays the selected track from the audio CD


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