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Boston Children's Museum


Design and Fabrication: 

Boston Childrens Museum, John Spalvins

Arthur's friend Buster is happy to loan his jet to his young friends to visit five American cities. The cockpit windshield consists of two 42 inch monitors, each connected to a Pioneer DVD-V5000 DVD player. The two DVD players are kept in synch with a DVD-204 DVD control unit. When the throttle is pushed open, a KD-1 Proximity Switch mounted in the handle triggers the DVD-204 to switch from the attract loop to the flight sequences. The content was produced by Jon Barkan of Communications for Learning, Arlington Mass. Microsoft Flight Simulator was used to generate the flights, which were shot in HD off the computer monitor. The footage was then edited by Greg Ikens to split the image down the middle for the two screens.






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Exterior view of Buster's jet

Flight deck with a crew of four young aviators. Please make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and your tray table restored to its original upright position.

Interior of plane looking towards flight deck