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Boston Children's Museum
Arthur's World (tm)
Designed By Boston Children's, John Spalvins

Boston and traveling


Young visitors may join in play with the popular aardvard Arthur. This chroma-key installation mixes the images of the participating children into scenes from the popular public television series. Video material is stored on an Adtec Mirage Hard Disc Player. Visitors may select the desired scenerio by pressing X-6000 Illuminated Pushbuttons which connect to a Museum Tech HD-212 Controller, which, in turn, controls the Adtec.

In addition to the Boston installation, there are two additional traveling versions.

















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Back from St. Paul, off to Grand Rapids...equipment cabinet in Boston's Exhibits shop being overhauled prior to its next venue. Cabinet contains Museum Technology HD-212 Controller, Adtec Mirage mpeg player, Edirol V-4 chroma key

Interior of cabinet. Sony color camera looking out the opposite side captures children against a chroma green background. Animated background images play from Adtec Mirage mpeg player controlled by Museum Technology HD-212 Adtec Controller

Close up view of button panel. X-6000-G Green Pushbuttons were selected for their ability to hold up under heavy use by young visitors.