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  $ 260.00


bulletSwitches on AC Outlet for Preset Time
bulletTriggered by Motion Sensor or Pushbutton
bulletProtects Artifacts from Excess Light Exposure
bulletAdjustable from Seconds to Hours
The TDR-10 Timed Power Relay serves to turn on a standard 120 Volt outlet for a preset amount of time. This timed interval is initiated when a contact is made across the Start terminals on the rear panel. This low voltage contact may come from a pushbutton, motion sensor, or other device.

Once triggered, the timing cycle starts and the outlet switches on. While timing, any additional start signals force the timing cycle to begin anew. This ensures that there will be at least one complete cycle after the last start signal. For example, if used with a motion sensor such as the Museum Technology BB-200, the first visitor to approach will turn on the AC outlet for the preset time. If no further motion is sensed, the outlet will switch off at the end of the preset time. Should another visitor approach while the outlet is on, the TDR-10 will start the timing cycle from the beginning. In this way, as long a visitor motion is detected, the outlet will remain on, shutting off only after motion has not been sensed for the preset time.
Technical Specifications:
Timing Range 05 seconds to 100 Hours
Accuracy Within .05%
Input Voltage 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Switching Capacity  500 Watts
AC Power Input Detachable IEC Cord supplied
IAC Power Output: One standard NEMA-15 AC outlet
Motion Sensor Power: 24 Volts AC, 200 mA
Start Input 4 position 5.08 mm plug with screw terminals
Warranty: Two years parts and labor
Physical 5.5 wide 5 deep 2.5 high, 2 lb
Case Aluminum Extrusion and steel
Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labor
Country of Orgin  United States


        Download Manual:       TDR-10 Instructions

        Download Cut Sheet:   TDR-10 Spec Sheet

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