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Custom Projects

Often an off-the-shelf product does not suit the specific requirements of a particular exhibit.  We have a long history of designing and building custom electronic packages provide exactly the capability needed for a unique project. Below are pictures of some of the hundreds of completed projects.



Robotic Dog House Control


When a hand held wireless button is pressed a sequence is started.  First the lights in the doghouse turn on, followed shortly by an audio presentation.  Next, the doghouse doors open.  Finally the sequence reverses







Serial Power Box


Commands sent from the serial port of a PC are used to turn on and off twelve 120 Volt outlets.







Flame Flicker Box



This box is used to simulate flame flicker, such as in a fireplace.  When a remote low-voltage switch is closed the three 120 Volt outlets turn on, each with its own random pattern.







Object Theatre Control

Used to automate a small theatre presentation.  The remote Start button initiates a series of events including dimming house lights and starting the video presentation as well as triggering special effects during the show.

Pushbutton to Serial

  Inputs for up to six remote visitor pushbuttons.  When pressed, a unique string of data is sent out over the unit's RS-232 serial port.


  When installed in the exhibit, the Electrocardiogram box is connected to two electrodes.  These can be either copper pipe which the visitor grasps, or stainless steel plates in the shape of hands which the visitor presses theirs against.  Each heartbeat produces a "beep" accompanied by a flash of light from a LED bulb.

Fission Exhibit Control

  This custom control system is the heart of an elaborate exhibit illustrating nuclear fission.  Twenty four AC outlets are switched on and off in a carefully timed sequence.  These outlets connect to neon and incandescent lamps, as well as motors.  It also issues a start command to an audio player, and resets all outputs when the audio narration finishes.

Audio Remote Control

  In this instance, circumstances required that two digital audio players be located 500 feet from panels each with six pushbuttons. It was not possible to pull new wire, so circuitry was designed to allow the six buttons to control the players using the existing wiring.  The remote button panels operate over a range of 0 to 120 degree F.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  This exhibit consists of ten rear lit transparencies, one of Lincoln and one of Douglass.  The other eight a pictures of the debate sites.  The visitor selects, via eight pushbuttons, which debate audio is to be played.  While playing, the picture of the speaker is illuminated, back and forth, as well as the picture of the debate site.

Metabolic Research

  In studying  metabolic activity in humans, it is necessary to detect when the subject moves, however slightly.   BB-200 Motion Sensors were modified to provide extreme sensitivity. An Interface Box combines sensor outputs for data acquisition.

Power Relay Box

  Another version of the Serial Power Box.  Twelve 120 Volt outlets are controlled by serial data sent over a RS-485 data bus.

Automatic Show Starter

  A combination of two 4321 Count Down Timers and custom logic automatically starts a show while displaying show times to the public.

Small Show Control

  Circuitry was implemented to automate  an exhibit based on an air boat ride.  Timed outputs control the start and stop of a large fan, as well as lights and audio.