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Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
John and Abigail Adams Room
Boston, Massachusetts

John Adams:  Architect of American Government:

Located across from the State House on Boston's Beacon Hill, the John Adams Courthouse houses the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and the Social Law Library, the nation's oldest law library.

Built in 1893, the architecturally significant building is a popular destination for visitors and residents alike. 

In order to illustrate the important role that Adams' wife Abigail played in the early days of the Republic, eight letters between the couple were read by actors from Boston's Theatre Espresso.  Pressing a button on the exhibit cabinet initiates audio playback of one of the readings, while at the same time illuminating an appropriate transparency.

Design and fabrication of the exhibit cabinet, with wood and finish carefully chosen to match that of the room, was carried out by Robert Luchetti AIA of Robert Luchetti Associates. 




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Barbara Berenson, Senior Administrative Attorney,
demonstrates the Adams exhibit.

Robert Luchetti working on the cabinet 

Exterior, John Adams Court House