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KD-3 Proximity Switch
$ 169.00
  • Turns objects into touch switches
  • Activates from inches away
  • Works through wood, plastic
  • Easy setup...self calibrating
  • Normally open relay output
The KD-3 is a capacitive proximity switch employing analog and digital techniques to detect when a sensing plate, or wire, is approached. The KD-3 works with sensing plates of various sizes and shapes. The sensing plate must be metallic, such as aluminum, copper, or steel. The sensor plate size may range from less than a square inch to several hundred square inches. Often the object on display, if metallic, can serve as the sensing plate. Sensitivity may be set such that the switch activates when an approaching hand is still a number of inches away.


Technical Specifications:


Operating principle: Change in electrical capacitance
Sensing range: Up to 10 inches (250 mm)
Protection: Passes JESD22-A114 Electrostatic Discharge
Response time: Typically 0.1 second or less
Calibration: Automatically calibrates to installation
Output: Normally open relay
Output rating: 24 Volts AC or DC, 1 Amp
Power required: 8 to 24 Volts DC, 70mA max via 2.1 mm jack
Power supply: Included 9 VDC wall mount
Physical:: 3.36" x 2.60" x 1.10", 5 Oz
External connections: Via 4 position 5.08 mm pluggable screw terminal block
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