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                                Manual Index:

                                   All are in Acrobat pdf format

                                           4321 Count Down Timer

                                            CC-1000 and CC-2000 Closed  Caption Displays

                                            DVD-204 / DVD-212 DVD Control Units

                        DVD-204-BR Control for Pioneer BluRay

                        Notes on Preparing A DVD

                        B-104 BrightSign Button Interface

                        BB-200 Motion Sensor

                        KD-1 Proximity Switch

                        KD-3 Proximity Switch

                        KE-8 and KE-2 Keyboard Emulator

                        TDR-10 Timed Power Control

                        X-6000 Pushbutton Installation

                        LT-12 Timer - Controller

                        CD-1 Compact Disc Control



                    Spec Sheets

                       4321 Count Down Timer

                           BB-200 Microwave Motion Sensor

                           CC-1000 Closed Caption Display Board

                           KD-3 Proximity Switch

                           TDR-10 Timed Power Control

                      X-6000 Pushbutton



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