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Lincoln-Douglas Debate Museum

Charleston, Illinois
Design and Installation by Riccio Exhibit Services, Lerna, Illinois


On September 18, 1858, the fourth of the seven Lincoln-Douglas debates was held at Charleston, Illinois.  Riccio Exhibit Services was called upon to provide an interactive exhibit to dynamically convey the content of the debates.

Visitors are presented with a panel of pushbuttons, one for each debate.  Upon selecting one, a picture of the debate site illuminates, and the words of Lincoln come from a speaker to the left, while Douglas comes from one on the right.  While speaking, a portrait of the speaker is lit.

A custom electronic package was designed and built by Museum Technology to control the sound and light, as was the required programming.  In this manner, on-site installation was simply a matter of plugging the elements together.

Technical Drawing:

Lincoln-Douglas  Diagram


An overview of the  Lincoln-Douglas Seven Debates Exhibit


Close up of the custom electronics powering the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Exhibit



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