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Korean War Veterans of Massachusetts
Charlestown Navy Yard
Charlestown (Boston) Massachusetts

In order to best memorialize their comrades, the Korean War Veterans of Massachusetts, under the leadership of the late William "Red" Mason, commissioned the installation of an audio playback system, on which visitors may select and listen to the veteran's tales of war.

From over forty hours of interviews, Steve Bressler and his staff at Monadnock Media produced four themed selections, each approximately 3 minutes in length. Selection is made by the visitor by pressing a button on a stainless steel column nearby. The buttons are labeled "On the Line", "Fighting Conditions", "Us & Them" and "Aftershock". Another two buttons play "Empty Tables, Empty Chairs" and "Bring Them Home" from Les Miserables.

The audio playback and control equipment are housed in a utility room in a building some 400 feet away, connected by underground conduit for the wiring.

Special circuitry was developed to ensure reliable operation of the remote pushbuttons over an extreme range of temperatures.




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Entrance to the Massachusetts Korean War Memorial. A welcoming narration is triggered by an electric eye as the visitor approaches.

Visitors listening to the veteran's stories. Two independent systems are installed, each serving an area in front of a bench. A third system provides a welcoming message at the entrance.

Benches for contemplation. Audio is selected by buttons mounted on stainless steel column to right of bench. Speaker is behind stainless steel grill set into granite.