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KE-8 Keyboard Mimic
$ 349.00
bulletEasy Setup
bulletStandard PS-2 Keyboard Connector
bulletEight remote pushbuttons mimic 8 keys
The KE-8 Keyboard Mimic provides an easy and straightforward method of interfacing contact closures, such as pushbuttons, to a personal computer. Connection to the computer is via the standard PC keyboard connector. Inputs for eight pushbuttons are provided. When a contact is made, the keystrokes programmed into the KE-8 are transmitted to the PC. As far as the PC is concerned, this data is indistinguishable from that provided by the standard keyboard. If illuminated pushbuttons are used, the KE-8 will flash the lamp briefly. This is useful in that it provides visual feedback. The KE-8 is programmed by connecting it between the keyboard and the PC. The red Program button is pressed, the desired keystrokes are typed, and the desired button is pressed. Upon pressing one of the eight buttons, the keystrokes may be disconnected; the PC will boot and operate with just the KE-8.
Technical Specifications:
Inputs:: 8 RJ-11 modular jacks for connection to pushbuttons. Also provides 12 volts DC for button illumination
Keyboard In:: Standard PS-2 (six pin) plugs into KE-8 for initial setup
Keyboard Out:: Supplied PS-2 cable connects KE-8 to Keyboard In port on PC.
Power: Derives power from host PC
Lamp Power: External 12 volt power supply (included) provides power for button illumination. Not needed if non-lighted buttons are used.
Warranty: Two years parts and labor
Physical: 9.2"W 6"D 1.6"H 15 Oz
Recent Installations:
bulletGE Health Care Lobby Exhibit
bulletHudson River Orientation

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