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X-6000 Illuminated Pushbutton
$ 31.00
bulletHigh Quality
bulletEasily Installed
bulletRugged, Reliable
The X-6000 Illuminated Pushbutton is rugged, dependable, and easy to install. Its durability has been proven in thousands of installations. The built-in lamp serves to indicate which selection is playing in multiple button installations as well as to indicate when it is in use in single selection exhibits.

The X-6000 is supplied with a seven foot cord terminated in an RJ-11 plug, allowing direct connection to Museum Technology products that require external pushbuttons.

Mounting is in a single 15/16 inch hole in material up to 3/4 inch thick.

Please specify color: Red (X-6000-R); Green (X-6000-G); Yellow (X-6000-Y); Blue (X-6000-B); or White (X-6000-W)
Technical Specifications:
Switch: SPST Normally Open Snap-action Microswitch
Lamp: Type 161 wedge base lamp. 14 Volt, .17 Amp
Cable: Seven foot cable attached to switch and lamp. Terminated in RJ-11 plug for direct connection to Museum Technology products
Colors: Available colors are Red X-6000-R Green X-6000-G Blue X-6000-B Yellow X-6000-Y White X-6000-W
Options: Available with custom length cable
Warranty: Two years

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