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DVD-204 DVD Controller
$ 695.00
bulletFor Pioneer DVD-V5000, 8000
bulletEstablished Reliability
bulletFour Selections
bulletAttract Loop
A basic system is composed of a DVD Controller (Museum Technology Source Inc.'s DVD-204 or DVD-212), a DVD player (Pioneer Model DVD-V7400, 5000, or 8000), and a television monitor. The DVD-204 Controller allows for a choice of up to four video segments and the DVD-212 allows up to twelve video segments from a DVD Disc. Both units allow for an additional "Attract" or "Idle" segment to play when no segment has been chosen.

Single pole, normally open switches, such as pushbuttons mounted in exhibit material, are plugged into the back of the 204 and 212 Controllers. If pushbuttons are used, they may be illuminated to give visitors an indication of which video segment is playing. Other such switches, such as motion detectors, timers and, capacitance switches may also be used as inputs. The Pioneer DVD Player is connected to the back of the Controller by an MTS provided cable and the TV monitor is, in turn, connected to the Pioneer Player.

Instructing the system on what part of the video is to be called up by each button or activator is a painless task of following a straightforward menu of prompts. These are available either on the television monitor itself, or on the screen of a PC temporarily connected the Controller. Pressing the rear panel "Program" button enters programming mode. A menu of simple choices will appear on the screen of monitor or the PC, which permit the assignment of particular video segments to particular buttons. A segment may be either the chapter of the disc, or a section of the disc defined by a start frame number and a stop frame number. Several other choices are available-- such as button options which permit "Lockout" (where pressing the button will not interrupt play) or "Interruptability" (where pressing another button will cause the player to go to another segment). The DVD Controllers have non-volatile EEPROM memories with programming software resident in the controllers. Loss of power to the controller will not effect the programmed information, and the controllers can be reprogrammed at any time. For test and setup purposes, the front panel has illuminated pushbuttons corresponding to those used by the visitor.
          Technical Specifications:
Players Supported: Pioneer DVD-V7200, DVD-V7400, DVD-V5000, DVD-V8000DVD players
Physical: 1.5 high, 7.25 wide, 10 deep
Programming: On Screen: uses player's character generator to bring up on-screen menu. Start and stop frame numbers are memorized. PC: Frame or chapter numters entered from PC using PC-9 Programming Cable.
Power: Plug-in UL listed power supply 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 Watts Supply Output 12 Vdc 500 mA
Multiple Players: With accessory cable can synch up to 18 Pioneer DVD players.
Selection Capacity: Inputs for four pushbuttons; automatic attract loop play
Attract Loop: Plays selected segment of disc when idle
Warranty: Two years parts and labor
Play Options: Buttons may be set to either lockout (segment playing must finish) or Interruptable. Button 4 on DVD-204 may be configured as a reset button-terminating the selection and returning to Attract Loop
Inputs: Four (DVD 204) RJ-11 connectors for normally open switch contacts. Pushbuttons, Microwave visitor Sensor or Countdown Timer may be used. Inputs optically isolated. 12VDC at 10mA
Button Illumination:: 12 VDC @ 300 mA available for button lamp. Transistor switched to ground during play
Addressing Modes: Frame: Pair of frame numbers represent start and stop points. Chapter: Plays specified chapter
Connection to Player: Via supplied cable. Players must be set to 9600 Baud