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  BrightSign Products         


In late September 2016 BrightSign replaced their entire product line with new, higher-value players.  We will continue to provide support for previous versions

The LS423 is well suited for basic video displays.  It is the choice for simple looping exhibits.

The HD series of players are well suited for the majority of interactive video presentations.  All models offer the same high quality HD video playback, the differences being in available   input / output connections.

The XD series excels in more sophisticated applications involving simultaneously playing dual videos, as well as live off-air or HDMI video.

The XD Series supports full 4K video

The XT Series is capable of playing one 4K and one full HD at the same time

Museum Technology is pleased to be BrightSign Authorized Reseller C-8610.     We are authorized to provide Level 1 support for BrightSign Products. as well.




LS423 Basic Interactive

The small form-factor, commercial-grade BrightSign LS423 is fully featured to run circles around the competition. Network connected and featuring H.265 1080p60 video playback, entry-level HTML5 support and USB interactivity, this model is perfect for simple
streaming applications and large deployments of common content.

$250     Datasheet

 HD223 Networked

  • Supports H.265 encoded Full HD (1080p60) video
  • Hardware accelerated HTML5 rendering engine
  • 4K upscaling
  • Highly reliable media handling platform
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • S/PDIF digital audio
  • Engaging interactive controls via GPIO and UDP
  • GPIO allows use with pushbuttons


$350       Datasheet

HD1023 Networked Interactive

  • All the features of BrightSign HD223 plus...
  • USB 2.0 (type A)
  • Serial and IR control for expanded interactive options

$500       Datasheet


XD233 Networked

Offers a powerful 4K video engine capable of dual decoding two Full HD video simultaneously and an advanced HTML5 engine. It includes the standard I/O package of gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, IR, analog and digital audio, and an M.2 SSD interface..

$450        Datasheet


XD1033 Networked Interactive

Includes all the features BrightSign XD offers plus additional interactive options with the added serial and dual USB 2.0 (type A and C) ports for engaging interactive displays.

$550        Datasheet


XT243 Standard I/O Player


Offers the most powerful H.265 4K and Full HD video engine with 4K upscaling and dual decoding of one 4K and one Full HD video simultaneously. Delivers the best HTML5 rendering performance available for Enterprise applications. Includes the standard I/O package of gigabit Ethernet with POE+, GPIO, IR, analog and digital audio and an M.2 SSD interface.

$550       Datasheet


XT1143 Expanded I/O Player

Includes all the features BrightSign XT offers plus serial, dual USB and Live TV playback via the HDMI 2.0
input to play content from any broadcast channel even protected HDCP content.

$650       Datasheet

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