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B-104 BrightSign Button Interface


bulletUsed with BrightSign Video Players
bulletInputs for 4 Illuminated Buttons
bulletEasy Setup
bulletIncludes Attract Loop
The B-104 Pushbutton Interface provides a convenient way of connecting remote pushbuttons to any of the BrightSign players which have a GPIO 15 pin connector.  In this way heavy duty pushbuttons, such as the Museum Technology X-6000 series, are all that is seen by the public.   Instead of pushbuttons, other activators such as the BB-200 Motion Sensor or the KD-1 or KD-3 Proximity Switches may be employed.  For convenience in programming and installation testing, four illuminated pushbuttons are provided on the B-104.  These buttons duplicate the function of the remotely mounted buttons, thus allowing the exhibit to be fully tested prior to actual installation.
Technical Specifications:

Number of Button Inputs


Button Connectors

RJ-11 Modular Telephone, 6 position, 4 contact
Lamp illumination 12 Volt DC nominal at 250 mA max. NPN transistor conducts to ground when active

Power supply connector

2.1 mm, center positive

Connection to BrightSign

15 pin male D-Sub connector on 12" cable

Panel controls

Power LED, 4 illuminated pushbuttons in parallel with remote pushbuttons

Compatible BrightSign Models

Any with 15 pin GPIO connector: HD120, HD1020, XD1030, XD1230
Programming method BrightAuthor GPIO commands


Flange with screw holes


5.75" wide 4.75 high 2.5" deep (14.6x 12 x 6.4 mm)

Download Instructions

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