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B-101 BrightSign Pushbutton Interface


bulletUsed with BrightSign Video Players
bulletInput for one pushbutton
bulletProvides for button illumination
bulletEasy Setup
bulletIncludes Attract Loop
The B-101 Pushbutton Interface provides a convenient way of connecting a Museum Technology X-6000 Illuminated Pushbutton to any of the BrightSign players which have a 15 pin GPIO connector.  

 Instead of pushbuttons, other activators such as the the KD-1 or KD-3 Proximity Switches may be employed.  For convenience in testing of the programming and installation, a  pushbutton is provided on the B-101.  This button duplicates the function of the remotely mounted sensor, thus allowing the exhibit to be fully tested prior to actual installation.

Technical Specifications:

Number of Inputs



RJ-11 modular telephone jack
Lamp  Power 12 Volt DC nominal at 250 mA max.

Power supply connector

2.1 mm, center positive

Connection to BrightSign

15 pin male D-Sub connector on 12" cable

Panel controls

Power LED, pushbutton with LED in parallel with remote button

Compatible BrightSign Models

Any with 15 pin GPIO connector: HD120, HD1020, XD1030, XD1230
Programming method BrightAuthor GPIO commands


3.6"" wide 2.7" high 1.2" deep

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