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4321 Count Down Timer
$ 975.00


bulletTwo Components: Display and Control Unit
bulletDesigned for Custom Mounting
bulletVersatile operating modes
bulletMultiple display capability
bulletContact closes at zero count
The 4321 consists of two components: the control unit, and the display. The control unit may be installed where most convenient, usually next to the equipment to be started, while the display, with its two 4 inch high digits, may be mounted for optimal visibility to the public.

In operation, the control unit is preset with the desired intermission time. When placed in run mode, the remote display will display the preset time and proceed to count down in one minute increments, to zero. When zero is reached, a relay in the control unit closes for one second. This contact is used to activate show control or presentation equipment, such as DVD or audio units.

For venues with multiple entrances, multiple displays may be employed. the display units are merely connected in parallel. The RS-485 data transmission technique used allows the displays to be hundreds of feet apart if required.

Several modes of operation are available, set by DIP switches on the rear panel.

(updated March 2004)
Technical Specifications:
Display: Two digit, 4 inch high LED. Red standard; green available. Also available with 1" digits on special order.
Time Range: 1 to 99 minutes in 1 minute increments
Controls: Front panel Run/Set toggle. In Set mode, Increment pushbutton is held until desired time is indicated on 2 digit display on control unit. Toggle in Run position enables normal operation. Front panel display reads same as remote display. Two LED's indicate status
Display Physical: Furnished mounted on 9.40 x 7.10 inch aluminum plate, 1.8" deep. Red 1/8" Plexi cover plate 13.5" x 9.5" included. Mounting holes in plate and Plexglas provide for mounting flexibility.
Control Physical: 1.5" high by 5.5" wide by 9.0" deep. Weight 3 pounds
Included Accessories: Power supply, 20 foot 4 conductor interconnect cable
Accuracy: Within 10 seconds per hour. If set for 30 minute interval, deviation from time-of-day approximately 80 seconds at end of 8 hour day
Optional Accessories: RK-3 Rack Mount Kit; additional display units
Warranty: Two years parts and labor
Operating Modes: a) counts down continuously; upon reaching zero reverts to present number and starts counting down again. b) counts down as long as contact is maintained across start terminals. c) starts counting upon momentary contact across start terminals. d) same as (c) but momentary contact while counting will cause display to revert to preset count.
Start Input: Optoisolated input. Start switch must be capable of switching 12 VDC @ 20 mA. Screw terminals on plugable block
Relay Output: Three screw terminals on pluggable block, SPDT relay rated at 2 Amps, 24 VDC. Activates for 1 second
Display Connection: 4 wire; 2 for RS-485 data; 2 for 12 VDC power @700mA
Power: Supplied 15 VDC 900 mA external power supply. Sufficient for control unit and one display; multiple displays require additional power

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